197762. St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, base Litke (Fort Konstantin)

Individual Tour Order Form

We suggest you use the form for compiling an individual excursion program. The form includes three sections, here in any order you can choose what interests you the most. Choose the components to your liking and come up with your own unique tour of Kronstadt.

City tour with a tour of the main attractions. 2 hours.
Excursion to Fort "Reef" and to the specially protected natural zone "West Kotlin". 2 hours 30 minutes.
Excursion along the Kronstadt Anchor Square with a visit to the Naval Cathedral (second hall, baptismal church, second tier, third tier, dome drum). 1 hour 30 minutes
An excursion to the artillery batteries of the Kotlin Spit (visiting the exposition of military equipment, visiting four artillery batteries). 1 hour.
Excursion to the fort “Grand Duke Constantine” with a tour of the fort and the panorama of the Grand Kronstadt Raid. 1 hour.
Excursion to places of the earthly path of John of Kronstadt. 2 hours.
Excursion to the fort "Count Milyutin." (on the boat in the group). 1 hour 30 minutes.
Survey boat trip with landing at Fort Milyutin. (on the boat in the group). 2 hours.
A large boat trip "Forts and lighthouses of Kronstadt" with landing on two marine objects. (on the boat in the group). 3 hours.
Excursion "Forts and Lighthouses of Kronstadt" with landing on two lighthouses and two forts. (Individually, up to 4 people). 2 hours.
Excursion "Northern Forts" with landing on the 4th and 6th northern forts. (Individually, up to 4 people). 3 hours.
Excursion to the Totleben Fort with a tour of all the forts of Kronstadt from the water. (agreed in advance). 6 o'clock.
Excursion to the fort "Obruchev" with a tour of the water of all the forts of Kronstadt. (agreed in advance). 6 o'clock.
Maritime Museum of Kronstadt (history of diving) 1 hour.
Museum of the history of Kronstadt (local history exhibition) 1 hour.
Exposition of underwater archeology (artifacts raised from sunken ships) 1 hour.
Museum-apartment of John of Kronstadt 1 hour.
Museum of A. S. Popov (History of radio) 1 hour.
Ship-museum "Restless" 1 hour.
Artillery site (samples of naval artillery of the XX century) 30 minutes.
Number of people in the group:
Tour Duration:
Lunch at a local cafe
Transfer from St. Petersburg to Kronstadt (up to 4 people)