The Kronstadt artificial harbor complex is located on the south coast of Kotlin Island. His project was developed by Peter I, the construction was led by the Englishman Edward Lane. The main works were completed in 1725. Consists of a military, forest, middle, merchant and coastal harbor, fenced off from the bay by massive breakwaters. In the XIX century, artillery of the second echelon of the defense of the fortress was located on these walls. In 1850, a coastal battery “Prince Menshikov” was erected on one of the half-bastions, the first tier of which has survived to this day. The most convenient for mooring ships is the Middle Harbor, its maximum depth is 14 meters. During the use of the harbor were repeatedly rebuilt, deepened and repaired. At the end of the 18th century, the walls of the breakwaters began to be faced with granite, mined in the Pyaterlaks quarries. The lining process lasted until the 60s of the XIX century. Since 2018, one of the sites of the Patriot military-patriotic park has been opened on the territory of the Western Ust-Rogatka. On its territory there is an exposition of military equipment and underwater inhabited vehicles. Also here you can climb to the deck of a real warship – “Restless”.

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