To the west of the historical part of Kronstadt lies the swampy area of ​​the spit of the island of Kotlin. Throughout history, these lands have been used by the military to deploy artillery batteries, as well as to store and maintain ammunition. On the south coast of the island, opposite the 19th microdistrict, there is the Litke Base – several brick and concrete cellars for storing gunpowder. If you move along the Kronstadt highway to the west, along the way you can meet a complex of artillery batteries, consisting of three mortar and one cannon battery. Further located is the fort “Shanets”. Here is the highway and the territory of the Western Kotlin Specially Protected Natural Zone begins. A kind of place of rest. Sandy and rocky beaches bordered by black alder shoots, many species of birds. Kronstadt – “Reef”. Great views of the Gulf of Finland and Mike “Tolbukhin”, located seven kilometers from the coast.

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