The new Admiralty was built by order of Catherine the Great. A prerequisite for this was the fire that broke out at the St. Petersburg Admiralty in 1783. The main objective of the complex was to provide the Baltic Fleet with all the necessary technical means and provisions. At different times, Mikhail Vetoshnikov, Vasily Bazhenov, Charles Cameron and Andreyan Zakharov took part in the construction and development of the Admiralty project. The complex of buildings, located in the historic center of Kronstadt, is separated from the city by the Bypass (wire) channel. It includes seven Provencal shops, three sailing workshops, a coal shed, a forest shed, a cracker and a cable-spinning mill and other buildings. In addition to the household part, there was a residential one. The house for officers and lower ranks of the fleet was located beyond the canal, north of Sovetskaya Street (formerly Bolshaya Ekaterininskaya). Most of this complex has been preserved unchanged.

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