The first public park in Kronstadt, which appeared at the beginning of the XIX century on lands purchased from the population of the city by the Maritime Department. Since that time, the Summer Garden has become a favorite vacation spot for citizens. Here, until the beginning of the 20th century, there was a summer officer meeting where P.V. Rimsky-Korsakov gave concerts. In Soviet times, the garden was an exemplary culture and recreation park with swing boats, a summer theater stage and a parachute tower. There are two monuments on the territory of the ensemble. The first is a symbolic image of a ship with a broken anchor and a lowered Andreevsky flag. The monument is dedicated to the tragedy of the clipper Oprichnik, who died with the whole crew during a storm in the Indian Ocean in December 1861. A short distance from it is the first monument of Kronstadt – it was stolen in memory of the philanthropic feat of midshipman Alexander Domashenko, who tried to save the drowning sailor and paid for it with his life. A special pride of the Summer Garden is the openwork fence, cast at the Kronstadt Shipping Plant in 1873.

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