The basis of the architectural ensemble of the Italian and Petrovsky park is one of the oldest buildings of the first half of the XVIII century, called – “provincial houses.” Once upon a time, the first embankment of the city passed through the line of these buildings. During the construction of the Petrovsky dock, the shallow part of the harbor, located in front of the embankment, was filled up. So Arsenalnaya Square appeared, on the site of which in the 60s of the XIX century a modern regular park was laid out. There are two monuments in the park: Emperor Peter I and a memorial to the Battle of Tsushima. The embankment of the Italian pond is one of the most places of interest in Kronstadt. Here is the Italian Palace, built for the first governor of the city – His Grace Prince Alexander Danilovich Menshikov. On the opposite side of the pond is a historic building of Dutch cuisine, where until the beginning of the 20th century merchant ships prepared food. At the exit from the Obvodny Canal, the starting point of the leveling network of Russia is located – the famous Kronstadt footstock – a reference point for all heights and depths on domestic navigation charts.

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