A unique thematic tour designed for lovers of the history of fortification. During the long program, you will learn the history of the construction of the Kronstadt fortress from the beginning of the XVIII to the middle of the XX century and visit four forts (three on the island of Kotlin and one artificial island in the Gulf of Finland).
(Fort Shanets + Fort “Reef” + Fort “Konstantin” + boat trip + Fort “Milyutin”).


  1. Meeting with a guide (Kronstadt, Citadel highway, 2) Introductory part of the tour, a story about the “mother” fortress.
  2. Transfer to the fort “Shanets”.
  3. Transfer to the fort “Shanets”.
  4. Walking from Fort Shanets to Fort Reef through the territory of the Western Kotlin Protected Area.
  5. Excursion to the fort “Reef”.
  6. Walk to Fort Shanets.
  7. Transfer to Fort Konstantin.
  8. Tour of the fort “Constantine”.
  9. Lunch at the Fort Cafe (additional charge).
  10. Boat trip to the fort “Count Milyutin.”
  11. The end of the program.